‘Kindness’ Activities

‘Kindness’ Activities

It’s ‘Random acts of Kindness Day’ – such an important lesson to teach our kids –  from donating clothes to buying nappies for baby banks we’ve got more ideas how to support families across Cornwall and teach our kids about kindness.

Here are a few of our ideas:

* Sort out and donate clothes and toys you no longer use – it can be a fun activity to do with the family and teaches the joy of giving.

Baby Den Cornwall

Cornwall Children’s clothes bank at the Truro Lifehouse

Toy Libraries – check out our IG post for your local toy library

* Give books to your local library or charity shops

As the kids get older it’s nice to give their once loved books to another family, as long as they’re still readable then charity shops and local libraries should take your books.

* Food & Baby Banks

Did you know that areas in Cornwall have officially some of the highest rates of child poverty in Europe? Local food banks rely on donations and you can drop off clothes, nappies etc to your local baby bank. (nearest one is Plymouth – but please let us know if you know any across Cornwall and we’d love to spread the word)



The Trussel Trust – food banks

* Make a handmade Thank You card – say thank you to the postman, teachers, nursery staff – a lovely activity for your baby or child

* Tell that new mum or dad that they’re doing a good job – just a little compliment can boost a day when you’re tired, everyone has challenging days and just a little chat to see how someone is doing could really boost their day.

Let us know what activities you’re doing to help teach kindness? and follow us for more support services and tips..

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